History and Culture After the Breaking

By Professor Thobhead Bumbcorn

Part of His Esteemed 257 Volume History of the World

Brief History of Arcadia

As documented in detail in Volume 192: Arcadia, the Arcadian Empire was founded by the remnants of a human kingdom that allied themselves with the elven races against the Drow in the end of War of the Grey Lady. (see Volume 52) The Arcadians originally were a small kingdom of skilled warriors that traded with the great elven empires. At the final act of the War of the Grey Lady, Lolth emptied the underdark in an effort to prevent the As other kingdoms fled the Drow hoard, the Arcadians stood their ground in a large fortress at the head of a mountain pass. Women and children took up arms to give their elven allies time fight the main It is said that when the battle was over, Drow, Spiders, and other servants of Lloth were piled to the wall

As readers will remember, the during that war the three great elven empires were destroyed and their people scattered; Some (what is now known as the Eladrin) retreated to the borders of the Feywild and others (The Elf) retreated to the sanctuary of nature. So too the now nameless human kingdom was decimated and only a few thousand individuals remained. But for their service they were well rewarded. The elven gods granted humans their patronage, taught them crafts and magic that previously had been known only to the elves. and bestowed them with some of their grace. This changed the humans in subtle ways, allowing them to live much longer than normal humans and and giving them an aura of beauty irregardless of their outward appearance. Legend has it that Corellon Larethian himself led them to a fertile land where they soon prospered.

The Arcadians themselves used this knowledge and power to form an empire that was loyal to their righteous ideals: the principles of justice, peace, knowledge, and equality. Emperors of Arcadia were seen as guardians of these principles rather than rulers of men and for nearly 1000 years they flourished.

At its height the empire of Arcadia spanned most of the continent and had outposts far and wide. From Spielburg in the north to the desert trading towns of Shapier and Rasier in the south; From the island kingdom Silmaria in the west to Castle Mordavia on the eastern border. Arcadia was the center of knowledge and culture; It traded with every race in the known world; It’s armies were unrivaled; And the power of it’s clerics and mages rivaled that of the lesser gods.

The Breaking

The exact cause of The Breaking, or even the chaos that proceeded it is not known even to this day. While there is some speculation that In year 1567 of the Arcadian era, the empire fractured and a group of some of the most powerful Arcadian scholars, wizards, and warriors

History and Culture After the Breaking

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