House Rules

This page is for a discussion of house rules. I’m thinking of getting rid of many of our old house rules as they don’t seem to apply as much to 4th edition. In this section I’ll list the old house rules, as well as present some new house rules for discussion.

New House Rules

  • Renown Score — Renown score would basically represent how well known the party is throughout the campaign world. The easiest way to get renown is to tell other’s of you exploits, so if a gaming session is logged on Obsidian Portal the party gains 1 renown and if a gaming session isn’t logged the party losses 1 renown. Points can also be gained retroactively for missed (unlogged) session. The benefits of having a higher renown are that vendors will want you to buy their goods and services and will be willing to give you a discount. High renown also helps with Intimidate and Diplomacy checks Every time you interact w/ a character you can make a renown check as part of some other action. This check basically consists of telling the other character who you are (so don’t do it while disguised). The result of that check would determine the benefits. Note that the discount only applies to friendly vendors – hostile vendors won’t want to give you any money off.
    |20|The character has heard of you. +1 to Intimidate and Diplomacy -5% on buy cost|
    |25|The character knows stories of you. +2 to Intimidate and Diplomacy. -10% on buy cost|
    |30|The character follows your exploits closely. +3 to Intimidate and Diplomacy. -15% on buy cost|
    |35|The character has strong feelings about you. +4 to Intimidate and Diplomacy. -20% on buy cost|
    |40|The character thinks your a god. +5 to Intimidate and Diplomacy. -25% on buy cost|

Their are penalties and bonuses associated with different circumstances.
|Helped the characters town/city/temple/faction| Bonus at DM’s Discression|
|Distance Penalty| Penalty at DM’s discression|

  • XP Bonuses — For anyone who does log the adventure they get 50xp * their level for every gaming session they log. I expect logs to be at least 2 paragraphs

House Rules

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