Welcome to the campaign website for The Second Coming! A campaign set in a would full of magic and adventure, staring a team of crack adventurers.This is my very first campaign, so comments and suggestions are more than welcome.

The inspiration for this campaign originally came from the poem The Second Coming by W.B. Yeats along with all the other various pieces of pulp fiction that fill my brain including Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time, the BBC’s Robin Hood and Doctor Who, the movie The Dark Night, and the old Sierra Quest for Glory series, among others. I basically wrote it as a way to continue procrastinating on my thesis, at least for a couple of days. I’m also hoping to include a heavier role-playing element in this campaign.

While our group has thought about using a wiki to keep track of campaign details for a while, the creation of a new campaign allowed me to build my new campaign from the ground up using Obsidian Portal. So far I love it, and I’ll be abusing the tool as long as this game goes on (which I hope will be a very long time).

Due to the obligations players have in real life, I understand that everyone can’t attend every single session from here until the end of creation. However, I don’t want to have to call off an entire game session due to low attendance, so I’ll be creating a registry where players can confirm that they can attend the following session. The sooner people confirm, the better. I aiming for 4-5 people per gaming session, so I’ll probably limit to number of max players to 6. I might raise this limit as the group and I becomes more comfortable with the 4th Edition rules.

Now some general guidelines for those people who want to play:

  • Cooperate — Dungeons & Dragons is a team-based game, now more than ever in 4th Edition. While in-party conflicts are expected, and in some cases, encouraged, in-party fighting should never become a game-brake. If you want to fight each other, let me know and I’ll set up some arena matches and work that into the story.
  • Food — All food probably should either be within walking distance of the game site or order able off of Campus Food or from Jimmy Johns . Know roughly what you want to get before when you show up and we’ll decide where we’re ordering from at the beginning of each game session.
  • Shut Up Already! — Dungeons & Dragons is a social activity; getting together and beating stuff up with a bunch of friends is what it boils down to, ultimately. But, sometimes, other players, or myself, need to speak in order to move the game along. So, when someone’s trying to say something relevant to the game at hand, quiet down for a few seconds to let them speak. And if I hear one more thing about Austin’s mom…
  • Come Prepared — This means make sure to come with all the materials and information you need to play the game. See What You Need to Bring for more information. If your character has leveled up during the last campaign, make sure he’s up to date. Wizards should know what spells they have in their spell list. While we’re more than happy to lend new players dice, paper, and pencils, these things have a tendency to disappear, so try and bring your own.

That’s about it for general rules. More Specific House rules will come later. Enjoy, and as always make sure to vote for me as your favorite campaign.


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