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bq. The Second Coming is a campaign based on the D&D 4th Edition rule set. It’s set in a world that really only exists in my head, but loosely based off the standard 4th edition world and some old adventure games I played as a kid. Below are a number of resources, rules and other stuff that are used in the campaign.

* The Basics
* Introduction
What You Need to Bring
* Character Creation
House Rules
* The Famous Adventure’s Correspondece Course
* History
* In the Beginning
* History and Culture After the Breaking
* The Story
* A Beginning
* *
* Nentir Valley

Message from the DM

My general philosophy is that D&D should be fun. Whether your in it for the the comradery, the role playing, the monster bashing, or maybe just to kill a couple of hours on a Saturday – a DM’s job is to make sure you have good time.  To that end, I welcome and encourage your comments, suggestions, and input.

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